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Book Review: “Requiem” by Lauren Oliver

Requiem CoverRequiem by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I put off reading this book for the longest time. It wasn’t anything personal against the series, I just felt like I couldn’t get into this book unless I reminded myself of the events of the first two books. Also, it’s the last book in a wonderful YA dystopian series and I severely did not want to be disappointed by it. And I’m so glad I wasn’t. To be honest, this has to be one of the best series ending books I’ve ever read. And I’ve been raving about it from the moment I finished it almost three weeks ago.

My thoughts on the characters:
I felt as though every character remained true to who they are. There is a substantial amount of character development, but Oliver did an amazing job of keeping it subtle and gradual throughout the entire series. These characters felt real and relatable and I was so glad that I didn’t end up hating Lena because I’ve been disappointed too many times by YA heroines before and I did not want that from this series.
The newer characters were a little bit more difficult to care for, but I felt like they were all so vital to the development of this story and the importance of the themes this book revolves around.
I loved the direction that Oliver took in this book with the love interests between the characters. I liked the diversity of the relationships and convictions these characters believe it. I was especially impressed by Hana’s voice in this book. I never gave her much thought because I didn’t care for her and this book completely turned that sentiment around.

My thoughts on the plot:
I love that this picks up right where the last book left off. I love that there is the element of danger present during most of the book and that their goals are pretty straightforward. I usually like to be surprised when I read, but Oliver did a superb job of writing the journey the characters take to these established events. There are some surprises, definitely, but what makes this such a good book is that things happen the way these characters say it’s going to happen.
The beginning did take some time to get into, but the story picks up pretty well after those initial pages. I especially loved the end of this book. It wasn’t a traditional ending. It wasn’t a necessarily happy ending, but it also wasn’t sad. I liked that some things were left unresolved or unanswered because sometimes there just aren’t solutions or set endings for people’s lives or problems. And sometimes the end of something is evident and nobody needs to tell you what happens in the “ever after” of “happily ever after.”

Overall, this book exceeded my expectations. I came in just hoping that it wouldn’t be a cop out ending to a series that had legitimate themes and value and I came out with a story that will remain with me for ages to come. I highly suggest reading this novel. This book is much greater than a teenage love story.

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