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Just A Little Thought: Wind

A force to be reckoned with.
    I never gave this phrase much thought because I’d never seen or experienced anything that would give it meaning or context. I didn’t experience anything until one languid afternoon last semester. It’d been a long day of classes and my sister and I shuffled our feet to the parking lot on the far side of campus to go home at around seven in the evening. The sun had been setting for close to half an hour and night lingered, suspended in the atmosphere, sitting idly by as it seeped slowly into the sky. A perk of the location of our campus and especially of that stadium parking lot is that it offers a spectacular view of the Las Vegas strip. It’s a sight I never get tired of. That afternoon, I stood in the middle of this parking lot, waiting for my sister to get into the car and unlock my door, but I didn’t mind the wait because of how beautiful everything felt to me. Then a powerful gust of wind threw me off balance.
    It felt so out of place to have a gust of wind, a strong breeze invade the air I was enjoying and my confusion for that seemingly inexplicable feeling was more off-putting than the actual wind. I looked around myself again, to the parking lot half occupied by cars, to the distant cheers coming from the stadium, to the dim lights flickering from the casinos just half a mile away. Everything within eye’s view was controlled and beautiful. And the wind was inevitable.
    I remember thinking that. The wind is inevitable. Like it was some foreboding body of chaos just waiting to take us out. Like I’d been expecting it. The lamps in the parking lot slowly came to life and the wind swept my hair in front of my face. We controlled everything. We changed the entire course of a river with dams, we harnessed sunlight into energy with solar panels, we redeveloped land for garden communities and made national parks out of it, we assumed ownership of entire ecosystems and food chains. We controlled everything. Then this gust of wind came in and blew it all apart. There’s nothing here to stop the wind from coming. The wind is inevitable. It is a force to be reckoned with.

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