How To Help That Anxious Friend

As a person who experiences anxiety on a daily basis, I think this post is pretty spot on on how to deal with those worriesome situations.

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

As human beings, it is our nature to want to comfort those around us and reassure them. The reasoning is twofold: first, we can sympathize with the feelings of anxiety that accompany many of lifeโ€™s tough decisions. Secondly, of course, is that listening to someone express a serious doubt makes us VERY uncomfortable. Then you end up with a very uncomfortable person trying to comfort a person and that is a major recipe for disaster.

To avoid this awkwardness, I have developed a foolproof system for easing the anxiety that those around you might experience from time to time. If you stick to these three points, you are guaranteed to leave those around you in a much better mental state and, more importantly, avoid any unpleasant situations.

Use docile tones

According to a scientific study that I have just made up for the sake of this post, 78% of allโ€ฆ

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