Life Is Happening: Internet and Education Scholarship by AT&T

From my perspective as a student, I owe most of my success to the On Demand revolution and shift to consuming media online. Obviously it is not only because it is online and that is where I spend most of my time, but also because I am a college student who cannot afford many things outside of the Internet that the Internet already offers me for free.

Consuming media online makes me a productive and punctual student. Unfortunately, I procrastinate often and the only thing that saves me is time management that is based entirely off of the accessibility of the Internet. Being a Creative Writing major, I am required to write at least four or more papers in each of my English classes. I rely heavily on Google Drive to write those papers and share them with my professors and instructors. With Google Drive being accessible from any place with an Internet connection, I do not have to worry about finding a printer on campus or buying ink for my home printer when I can simply share the document. Without the added burden of costs and availability, I can focus more on my assignments.

Another point I need to make is that being financially challenged does leave me worrying often about the cost of school supplies and required textbooks. Amazon offers my English textbook new from $34 to $40, the publisher offers it to students at $40, and my university’s bookstore offers it for $40. Amazon offers me more options than the other two retailers. And, if I am up to the challenge, I can find that book for a cheaper price online.

But however much I like to talk about costs and productivity, what matters most to me as a student has to be my time. Everything in my life is dictated by my class schedule. The gaps between my classes are when I get work done, try to catch up with friends, and eat my meals. I spend my weekends agonizing over papers and assignments and learning how to appreciate my family (one look at the rest of my blog will tell you how hard it is to get along with them). Social media are great assets in group projects because Facebook offers group conversations or group pages to communicate with each other, Skype allows students to work face to face in real time with a partner, and Google+ hangouts work excellently for big, collaborative projects. Other websites like Realtimeboard and Wikispaces help with presentations made by several people without having to meet at the same time.

My life right now is one of a student who needs all the help I can possibly get because I value my education and I haven’t achieved the independence I dream of as an adult. I don’t really have time to waste, life is happening and I’m in the midst of it, which makes the On Demand revolution and shift to consuming media online all the more important to me.


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