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I Have Class in Twenty Minutes

I literally do have class in twenty minutes and I have to make a five minute presentation on a monstrosity of an essay we had due last week. But I won’t talk about that because what is on my mind is that I always want to do something else about fifteen to twenty minutes before class starts and then I’m racing against the clock, trying to accomplish a goal that isn’t even necessary.

It sort of reminds me of when I use the microwave and I try to do as many things as possible before my time is up, like some sort of 1950’s contest in which I got free reign at the supermarket to grab as many groceries and put them into my cart in five minutes. And the thing with it is that I have been contemplating writing a new post for the past couple of days and the temptation to write one right now overwhelmed so much I couldn’t help but start writing.

This is going to be a short post, obviously, since I’m under a time limit.

But I want to mention a few things on my mind. First, we have finals next week and OH MY GOD, FINALS. Second, since I’m in the Honors College, I get free food this week and it’s pretty awesome. Third, and lastly, I petted a bunch a puppies yesterday.



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