Pet Peeves

I have a lot of pet peeves which probably makes it hard to get along with me. People will often never have cause to think I’m anything but a polite and straightforward person until they see me react to one of my pet peeves; it’s like I’m an entirely different human being.

The reason I am writing about pet peeves at all is because just a few minutes ago, I was sitting in the kitchen, minding my own business, when something in my peripheral vision caught my attention. I took pause, raised my head to face the kitchen cabinets, and let out a guttural sigh. The freaking kitchen cabinets are slightly ajar. Jesus Christ it bothers me so much when they’re like that.

Back in my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I used to tutor my best friend, B. When we arrived at her house, her mother insisted on feeding us first. So we’d sit down, have our meal, then her mother would disappear while she ran errands or whatever it was that she did. It was during that time that B would offer me more to drink or a second helping of food. I would politely decline but she would go and help herself to something else. While she rummaged around the kitchen, I’d usually keep myself busy by playing on my iPod. She’d talk to me the whole time she looked around, then, when she sat down, I would do the polite thing again and put away my iPod to continue our conversation face to face. But I could almost never continue the conversation. I was always distracted by the scene behind B.

Every single drawer and cabinet in the kitchen would be pulled open. When B noticed, she’d turn around, probably expecting something terrifying behind her, then she’d look back at me with a questioning expression. BUT EVERY SINGLE DRAWER AND CABINET WAS OPEN. I don’t understand how that can’t bother people.ย 

Another pet peeve of mine is when my hands are cold. They should never be cold. They’re allowed to be warm and they’re allowed to be clammy and they’re allowed to not have a temperature at all. BUT THEY CANNOT BE COLD.ย 

Here is a list of things that tick me off:

  • open cabinets and drawers
  • cold hands
  • when people write in books
  • when people dog ear pages in books
  • when books aren’t treated with the utmost respect and courtesy that should be given to any human being
  • when people infringe their opinions on other people
  • chipped cups
  • crayons/markers/colored pencils not in rainbow order
  • skipping the back of notebook paper
  • when I backspace and the website goes to the previous page instead of BACKSPACING LIKE IT SHOULD
  • having to connect my chargers
  • cancelled plans

I’m sure there are others, but right now I can’t remember them. I have a lot of pet peeves.ย 


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