I Don’t Know

I’m new to WordPress and I’m not sure what is required to get people to read this. I’m not sure what I need to write in order for people to be interested in this blog. I’m not even entirely sure what a blog is.

So how do I start? How do I begin the first post of my new blog? I mean, I’m not even sure if this will get viewed and read. I’m pretty sure that I’ll give up on this project in a while because that’s what I tend to do. Maybe I need the motivation. Maybe I do.

I know I need some change. I know I need to do something that will change the way I am presently. That’s why I write.

I want to be an author. I want to be a writer, someone who imagines all these different stories and lives. I’m only sixteen years old, though. I have no idea how to even start my career as an author. I have the stories. I’ve written a series that isn’t finished yet. In this series, there should be five books and I am currently on book number three. But I’ve stopped writing for that book because I’m editing the first one and it’s coming along pretty well. I’ve started another series and I’ve written the first half of that book. I’m at about two hundred pages on that one. It’s a spin-off series of another book I’ve started but that one isn’t that far along.

But I need a publicist. And an agent. And a book cover and editor and all the money required to publish my book. And I need to publish these books in order for me to have the money to go to college.

And I’m seriously lagging it in school and life in general right now. For instance, I don’t find the value in doing homework. I do it most of the time but my Trigonometry grade is pretty low because of the missing homework assignments I found unnecessary for me to turn in. I mean, I work on one problem for at least twenty minutes that takes up half of my notebook paper, then when I’m done, I check my answer and it’s wrong. Aside from that, my teacher oh so kindly gave me another twenty problems exactly like that one. No, I refuse to do it.

And then my friends aren’t really my friends. Wait, no, that’s not how I wanted to say that. They’re my friends, but they aren’t really good at it. I mean, I haven’t honestly talked to one of my best friends in over five months. She did not say anything to me on my birthday and when I did see her about a week later, she talked about her date to the Sadie’s Dance. Like I care about the stupid dance and her third time breaking girl code! (Her date had been one of our friend’s ex-boyfriends.) But I’ve gotten over it because I don’t care if I’m not considered. Wait, no, there I go again messing up the meaning of what I wanted to say. I’m not sure how to put what I think of that into words.

Point is, I’m at a low point and I just need to vent. Is that okay with you, reader? Will you listen to me as I rant on about whatever is on my mind that day? Please?

-Dianne E.C.E.


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